World lying at her feet – whose love knows no end

Even in defeat or failure, a true Leader can pull up the team to the highest level of motivation because only a leader knows that encouragement is the best team motivator. Kolinda Grabar’s leadership at FIFA World Cup is a practical lesson that teaches us – irrespective of your position, if you get down to the level of your team / people, you become the inspiration. That’s Leadership.

A glowing example for leaders around the world


Dressed brilliantly, she had spent hours standing and supporting her team, cheering her squad all the time (highs and lows). And only then, her team did the impossible.

Was she known to the entire world ? No – Definitely Not. Her popularity has exponentially increased, not being the President of Croatia, but as a Leader who knows to restore the confidence of the Country.

On the finale day

I was on my love seat watching the spectacular match and in fact supporting Croatia (just that soft corner for a team who has never reached to a world cup final before). The teams were out in the middle and loud cheers from the crowd followed.

The clock struck 20:30 IST, the first-half of the FIFA 2018 World Cup final began. within 20 mins, France took the lead as the first-ever own goal to be scored in a World Cup final (by Mario from Croatia). But as the saying goes, ‘Teamwork matters, not just talent’. Croatia came back brilliantly within 10 minutes. A controversial decision as a result of VAR, shook the morale of team Croatia, but who can stop a team where a leader is present, whose loves knows no end. The second half begins, good start by Croatia and equally excellent counter attack by France. A powerful shot from Pogba in the 59th minute and Croatia now have a stiff mountain to climb. In another 5 minutes, the super talented Mbappe made things more difficult for Croatia. Croatia pull one back due to overconfidence of the France goalkeeper.

Finally, France lifted their second title since 1998 after beating Croatia 4-2 in the FIFA World Cup 2018 final. Great execution by both the teams in the World’s most passionate gathering.  Somewhere celebrations and somewhere tears followed, lot of emotions and the mega event that linked almost the whole world was over.

World lying at her feet

I am sure, any team which fails or faces a downfall will get exponentially charged up if the leader can shower his/her love and affection for the team. Amazing positive vibes created by Grabar-Kitarović when she came out and said to the press and I quote, “My team is feeling great. What I could say to them is keep playing  and be relaxed. It doesn’t matter whether we got the gold or silver, we are on top of the world. So proud of my team and nation”. This humble attitude and quality to shower love to her people has now created a huge fan following club for Grabar-Kitarović.

Leadership qualities that she showered

  • Motivation and encouragement for the team. Always cheer people.
  • Its all about your actions from heart and not your position. Be humble and kind.
  • Always boost team’s confidence, stand with them, specially when morale is down.
  • Everyone can play the role of a master, but it is very difficult to be a servant.

and according to me the best one that Grabar-Kitarović showed the World is…

  • Ones’ love knows no end, and never stops to consider high or low, has the whole world lying at his feet


It is the power of expressing one’s love, appreciation and sympathy for others, that enables one person to be a great leader and this World Cup it was Croatian President who proved that point time and again. One has to take charge of the whole movement, not as a Boss, but as a Servant.


Its true that more you travel more you learn about places, culture and people. But is that the only option!

Definitely Not.

People Connection

Again the “People Connection” is the best way because if you become friends with people who are not of your age, hang out with people whose speaks different languages, get to know someone who doesn’t come from your social class… you will get to know a lot about different places, cultures and way of life. That’s how you see the world and you grow. We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are. Talk with people who make you see the world differently. Each person is unique, so they see the world differently… and this is your Scope to “see the world and grow”. Many different and contrasting ideas really open your eyes to how people interpret the world and how people integrate into their world and how people really feel… and all together it makes a rich experience.

Building Relationships

Building relationships across various cultures and social groups is vital to creating a beautiful world. When people from diverse cultures and backgrounds know and understand one another— they form the global view of the world and that will help each other to see the world much faster. This also creates an opportunity to understand today’s pain areas across communities and challenges us to solve those – thereby giving a scope for individuals to grow and contribute to the society.


Culture is a strong part of people’s lives. But as we explore culture, it’s also important to remember how much we can learn about another community. The world is becoming increasingly diverse and includes people of many religions, languages, economic groups, and other cultural groups. If you have an open mind to welcome everyone, treat everyone same, you will get immense scope of knowing the world and multiply you knowledge.



Each of us can gain the knowledge and see the world that we dream of. In our families, organizations, institutions, and neighborhoods, we should try that we don’t remain isolated from those who are different from ourselves. We can transform our neighborhoods, institutions, and life into so much colorful, joy and having positive energy.

So, lets starts talking to people more, have heart-to-heart conversations, talk openly, get rid of instant and impatient lifestyle. Stop avoiding people. Let’s create conversations. Let’s start talking.